Dependable Phones, Reliable Service And Competitive Commissions

       American Payphone Communications, Inc. (APC) is an Independent Payphone Service provider that owns and operates payphones throughout the New York metropolitan area. Our mission is to provide quality and dependable service to the community and to ensure that the payphones are working and ready for any emergency (911) calls that may be necessary.

       APC uses state of the art electronic, smart boards installed in Western Electric housings for durability. These payphones are polled daily during the night via computers from the central office. The polling then generates service reports on phones that need to be either repaired or collected; Together with its staff of well trained technicians and a well stocked maintenance facility, the payphones are managed efficiently and cost effective with a timely response to every service call.

       The company operates from a 25,000-sq. ft. facility located in the City of Mount Vernon, New York. Throughout the history of the company, APC has established a strong foundation, not only through its dependable service with their customers but also with various manufactures and suppliers.

       American Payphone Communications, Inc. is Franchised by the City of New York and is a member of American Public Communication Counsel (APCC), Independent Payphone Association of New York (IPANY) and the New Jersey Payphone Associations (NJPA).